Can not renew domain mappings

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    I’ve been trying to renew my domain mappings but I cant find any add to cart buttons on any of the pages. My domains expire in 3 days.

    The blog I need help with is


    Even odder, I have been able to add space to my blog for more images and added the no add option.
    But I cannot renew the mappings that are going to expire.

    Do I have to wait for them to expire and then add them back in? I really don’t want this site to go down.



    Please be patient while waiting for Staff to assist you with this.


    Will do,



    If you’re referring to try adding the domain via Store -> Domains in your Dashboard now.


    I kept trying that and it would just tell me that the domain was already mapped.
    Now that it has expired I was able to map the .org. I’t looks like Ill have to do the same thing for the .com.
    Its not good to have to let the map expire before it can be renewed, We lost traffic until it comes back up.


    I still am not able to map, if I go to the store, under mapping, it shows that it has expired.
    If I try to add it to the list it tells me is already mapped to a wordpress blog.
    The domain mapping is working for now, but Im worried about it stopping because I cannot upgrade the listing.


    If I go to “my upgrades” it still shows both of the domain mappings are expired.



    Ok, I see your renewal payment now, so I have manually created the subscription.

    It appears to be working as desired now.


    When I logged into the dashboard I got a domain expired message for the domain. I was able to follow the link and renew until 2013. It still will not let me manage the domains from my store, my upgrades or domains.
    Now we have a year to get it fixed.




    Just to be sure, are you logged in as citizenpowerman when you attempt to visit Store -> Domains in the Dashboard?


    Yes I am



    Do you at least see listed?


    Yes I can see both the and

    They list the experation date, and show the domain mappings.
    In each box it shows the domain, links for, learn more| domain manager
    and Status: Active, Manual Renewal
    This upgrade will expire in 12 months on July 17, 2013

    Under the domain manager it shows the domain Manage Domain Subscriptions
    Expiring Will stop functioning on July 17, 2013.
    But no control panels, buttons or anything of the sort other than the ability to update the primary domain.
    I can send you some screen shots if you have a place to upload them.



    To the left of the domain, do you not have round radio buttons with an “Update Primary Domain” button below the list?

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