Can one blog post always be at the top/first one you see?

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    I’m trying to make my blog really user friendly. It’s essentially a diary of really bad dates. My first post is like the introduction of what is to follow. Backstory, if you will. Can I make this post the first post readers will always see when they click into my blog?

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes you can. When creating a post or updating it, go to visibility and click edit. There will be an option saying make this post sticky or something like that. Just check the box and update the post.

    A sticky post means that it will be the first one to appear or be at the top no matter when it was published. How ever, keep in mind that if you create another post and wish it to be sticky, you will notice that this latest sticky post will be on top of the older sticky post.



    You can mark a post as sticky by checking the option that says “Stick this post to the front page” in the Publish settings on any post.

    That being said I don’t find sticky posts to be user friendly when it comes to return visitors. They don’t want to click through the same blah, blah, blah every time they come to read your most recent post.


    Thank you SO much. I really appreciate it.



    Pages are for static content that rarely changes. I suggest you place the background text on a Page and then link to it in a “Read me first” text widget you place at the to[p of your sidebar.

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