Can one permanently set a target for hyperlinks?

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    I often link to outside sources in my blog to reference quotes, direct to information, etc. Since my video card died, I’m chuggin’ along on onboard settings. For some reason, it takes at least a minute for me to fill in the info on the “Insert/Edit Link” window when adding a link. The most time consuming task is setting a target window for the link to open onto. What use to take 10 seconds now takes 10 times as long.

    Even though I’m bringing up this minor qualm due to the extra time its taking me, I’ve been wondering this for a long time. Every link I create, I want to open to a new window. It’d save me on heck of a lot of time (now and when I get a new video card) if I could set that setting forever.

    Is there any way to permanently set all links I put on my blog to open on a new window?



    I don’t think so, but you could always do it yourself in the html editor.

    <a href="URL HERE" target="_blank">....</a>



    If you use fire fox you might be interested in this
    hyper link Firefox extension -> firefox 2/3 html link tutorial


    @thasquare: I think you should submit this in the Ideas section of the forum. We could very well have a default setting for in-post links in Settings>Writing (just as we recently got default settings for image size, alignment etc.).

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