Can one turn off CSS?

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    Yesterday, I purchased the Premium Package as I use domain mapping, would like no ads, and am considering using video press. The package also comes with CSS customization, which I don’t need as I am not savvy enough when it comes to going into the guts of a blog.

    However, as soon as I purchased the package, the layout of my blog (Twenty Ten theme) became messed up. The sidebar disappeared, forcing all the widgets to the bottom and the fonts in my posts changed. I have searched my dashboard and the forums in vain for a solution. The only thing that I can think of is that somehow, the blog has become customized – and not in a good way!

    I would simply like to revert to the default styles of the Twenty Ten theme. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    Not a CSS issue at all – you have some messed up html formatting in your Posts


    Thank you for that, auxclass.

    The article was insightful. I went through the three steps that it suggests but without success. Prior to purchasing the Premium Package, I put up a new post yesterday. However, I did not notice any problems with the blog until after I purchased the package. I never had this problem before yesterday so I doubt that it is a problem with one of the widgets.

    Or is it possible for the problem to be latent and then somehow “come to life”? Any additional thoughts would be welcome.

    Many thanks.



    Just buying the Custom Upgrade does not change anything on your blog until you change the CSS code – and CSS code changes should not give those symptoms –

    Try setting Posts back to draft one at a time and see if the formatting gets better. If the formatting gets better with a single

    Also see below – the below fix should work any time – you should be able to use the bulk edit function for switching to and from edit mode

    Typically that is an open div tag or some other html formatting issue.

    from Dashboard >> Settings >> Writing >> make sure the box

    “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically”

    is checked.Then open each Post and make a small change such as add then remove a space and then update the Post. Repeat as required until the formatting returns to normal.



    Yes indeed, the problem can be latent and then you add one more thing and BLOOEY! There goes the blog. This is very common, in fact.


    Thanks, auxclass. I’ve done all that in bulk. I will try it post by post. (Sigh!)

    Raincoaster, you are not giving me a warm, fuzzy feeling about this. A further question for you. Let’s say that the problem was triggered by my most recent post. If I delete that post, one would think that that would solve the problem. However, I suspect that it might also be the case that once triggered, deleting the triggering post might not make a difference.



    Don’t delete a Post – just set it back to Draft –

    It is possible to mess up the html even when editing in the Visual editor – I got messed up a time or two and now I have the correct html box checked – every once in a while I still need to go into the html editor to correct problems


    OK. I will sign off for now and report back after working on it. Thank you for all the help. It is very much appreciated.

    Now to put up a short post announcing technical difficulties!



    Once you set the “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML” setting and Save it, then you can just go to the Posts page of your dashboard, select all (20 at a time) and set them to Private, then set them back to Public. Then go to any text widgets you’ve put in the sidebar and edit them. Put in an extra period or space or something, and then put it back. That forces the setting to take effect and fix whatever went wrong.


    Thanks, Raincoaster. I’ll have a go at this over lunch and let you know how it all transpires.


    @mannerofspeaking, I’ve reviewed your CSS, and the sidebar problem you are experiencing is due to some of the code in your CSS window, but we can fix that. Let’s first return your site to the original design and then if you can explain what changes you wish to make to your site, I would be more than happy to help you with.

    Go to Appearance > Customize > CSS, select everything you have in there now and copy and paste it into a plain text file for safe keeping. Then in the CSS window, delete everything there and save and your site will return to the original.


    Hello Sacred Path,

    Great to hear from you.

    Just to bring you up to speed on what I have been doing (with no small amount of trepidation!):

    (a) A reader explained to me how to change the width of the blog to 980px using CSS so that was already a big help in making the site look at bit better.

    (b) I was about half way through the process described by Raincoaster and set out in the post shared by auxclass, but without success. And, I was finding that some old posts (2 or 3) suddently got bumped up to recently published, which was another headache but I have just made them draft so that is fine.

    (c) Before reading your message, I went through my widgets, tweaking the text ones as suggested above and deleting some that I really don’t need. I then thought to move them all to the inactive box on my dashboard. When I did so, I mad an interesting discovery. The archives widget (no longer in drop down) and the Meta widget (which I never use) still appear at the bottom of the page. Odd, but perhaps part of the coding problem.

    (d) One more thing that I can think of. I recall (a couple of years ago) that WP release a feature that allowed members a chance to experiment with CSS just to see what could be done. I have a recollection of trying a few things but then deciding that I would rather focus on the blogging. Yesterday, I purchased the Premium Package that comes with CSS. I wonder whether it it possible that the system “remembered” my tweaks and implemented them?

    So, in light of the following, I have a couple of questions concerning your advice:

    1. Should I proceed to erase the CSS (after saving a copy)?

    2. Will I lose my widgets or will they still be in the Inactive Box?

    3. Will my posts be affected? I suspect not or else you would not have given the advice!

    4. Will the counts on my social media buttons be affected?

    I really appreciate your advice and guidance and look forward to your response.



    It is possible that the CSS

    1. Yes, erase the CSS from the CSS window after saving.
    2. Your widgets will not be affected by removing the CSS.
    3. No, your posts will not be affected.
    4. No, your counts on the social media buttons will not be affected.

    Once you have the CSS removed, we can work on the CSS to get your theme the width you want it and looking the way you desire.


    Sorry, clicked submit before finishing the top line.

    It is possible that the CSS you had previously put into the CSS edit window was hanging around and got applied when you bought the upgrade.


    OK, this is looking good. I have done as you suggested in CSS and as I make the change, I can see how the blog looks. The fonts are back to where I wanted them, so that is great.

    Now, I have not hit “Save” because I notice that all the social media buttons have been zeroed. But when I changed the width to 980px I think they were zeroed as well but only in the CSS view. Is that right?

    (Sorry for repeating the question, but you can imagine my concern!)


    OK, I took the plunge. (The suspense was killing me!) And it all worked out. Thanks so much!

    I am now going to replace my widgets.

    If your offer still stands, I would like help with one or two small CSS matters that I’d be interested in setting up.



    Thanks @TSP –


    Absolutely my offer still stands. Fire away.


    @auxclass, you are welcome.


    @TSP – OK, then. Thank you, again.

    A simple one to start. By default, the text for posts in Twenty Ten is grey. A bit lighter than the text on this thread. I always found it a bit hard on the eyes. So I change the colour of the text to black before I publish. It’s an extra step but not a big deal. With CSS, I imagine you can you have the text always be black. How would one do that?

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