Can only open WordPress blogs using Safari!

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    Please forgive me if this is covered in other threads, but I don’t really know how to begin searching for this specific problem in the forums.

    I’ve been having virus and adware problems with my computer for several weeks, and I think that I’ve just about cleaned them all up, but I can’t access or any wordpress blogs AT ALL using Internet Explorer or Firefox; they just never load up at all.

    It’s NOT only wordpress that never loads, but 99% of webpages do load up just fine. Naturally this is a big problem for a blogger, and if I didn’t have Safari also then I wouldn’t be able to blog at all!

    Of course this is something specific to my computer (wordpress loads fine on my PC at home, but if I bring this laptop to work then wordpress still won’t load on it), but if anybody can help me or point me in the right direction then I’d be very grateful.

    Thanks in advance



    Is there any difference if you try when you’re logged in vs logged out?



    Thanks, but I’m afraid not.



    Assume log-in works fine on other computers?
    Tried upgrading browsers or reinstalling them? Checked settings?
    Will it work on the laptop on other networks?



    I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling Internet Explorer 7.0 two times, to no avail. I didn’t bother using Firefox again, disgusted that it would have exactly the same problems as Explorer despite everyone raving about it.

    I would check settings, if I only knew which ones I had to check?!

    The laptop works on other networks with other sites just fine. Come to think of it, WordPress blogs do come up about 3 out of 10 times on IE7 on different networks, as opposed to never on the network at home, but of course that doesn’t help me much. It’s still Safari or nothing!



    Hm. I can only guess that the virus-hunting did something.
    When you try something, try it in firefox too. Easier to troubleshoot if there are more information.

    -If things works fine or better on other networks, you probably have to look into ports on your router.
    -If it’s the same misery wherever you go, it must be some settings in your browser/s.
    Maybe your virus-nuking prompted you to stricter security setting…what do I know.. :-S

    I may be away with the faries here, but check settings for IE – a million years since I’ve used a pc and IE, so someone else will hopefully come along with the exact path, but you are looking for something like…internet options, permission/site/allow… or something like that. I think!
    go easy on me if I’m wrong.

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