Can page title be different than title I want displayed in header menu?

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    When someone views one particular page, I’d like them to see a page title that is different than what they will see in the top and side menu bars. Is it possible to unlink page titles and menu titles?

    Thank you for your wisdom.


    Make an custom link and then you can use whatever you want in the top navigation tab.



    @TSP : would you be kind enough to explain a little bit more ? I have difficulties to imagine the process you suggested… Thanks in advance,



    1. Get the URL of the page you want linked with a different label.

    2. Got to appearance custom menu, and create a new custom menu as explained here: . If you already have a custom menu skip this step
    3. Go to the custom link module and paste the link of the page in to the URL field. Then put the label you want to appear in the navigation into the label field and click “add to menu.”

    4. Add in the other pages you want to appear in the menu, arrange them in the order you want them (drag and drop) and then click “save.” If you already have a custom menu skip this step.

    5. Select the top navigation location in the “theme locations” pulldown and click save. skip this step if you already have a custom menu.




    Thank you, but I can’t seem to get what I want from the custom menu. I’m new to this, so that could be the problem. Using your blog as an example, I’m looking to simply change ex.) the “Contact” page so it would say “Contact Me” (above “you are here”). That’s the only place where it would have the extra word “me”. Is this doable?


    If that is all you want, then simply change the title of the contact page to contact me. What shows in the top navigation menu is the page title.


    Actually, what do you want to show in the top navigation? If you want it to say “contact” and then want the page title when someone is on that page to say “contact me” then it has to be done via the custom link module in the menu page.



    yep, I’m aiming for the latter. I’ll give it another shot via custom link!



    For the theme I’m using, Theme Locations says, “The current theme does not natively support menus, but you can use the “Custom Menu” widget to add any menus you create here to the theme’s sidebar.” Maybe this is my problem…


    That is why you cannot add it to the top navigation menu. The custom menu widget though, when put in the sidebar should give you the results you want. Funny, I thought Monochrome supported the custom top menus.

    There is another trick that can be used, but it doesn’t work in monochrome. Your choices are, to either wait for monochrome to be updated, use the custom menu widget, or change themes.

    To use it in the custom menu widget, first create the custom menu and save it, then you would put the URL of your contact page into the URL of the “custom link” field, and then for the “label” enter Contact and then click “add to menu” it. All that is left is to put the custom menu widget into the sidebar where you want it.

    For the time being though, you could also just put a link in a text widget in the sidebar.

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