can pages have tags

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    posts can have tags/categories, but what about pages?


    The blog I need help with is



    No, tags and categories are only for posts.


    You could do what I do sometimes on my other site, I copy a page into a post and tag it then date it so far back that its not shown in the overall view of your site… Hope this helps…


    do ‘pages’ really have a value in wordpress?

    I tend to use pages… they are list-able in the side bar, and posts disappear after a short while. But it seems that they don’t have a real purpose.



    do ‘pages’ really have a value in wordpress?

    Pages serve a different purpose from Posts. This article may help:



    Static Pages sit outside the blog structure. Static pages cannot have Categories and Tags assigned to them. Pages do not appear in our RSS feeds. Most Pages do not have date stamps in their URLs. They have very little “google juice” Other bloggers rarely, if ever, backlink to static Pages in their published posts.

    You can create as many static Pages and sub-pages as you like but the vast and overwhelming amount of Google juice goes to Posts because that’s the way blogs are designed and how they function. The most Google juice of all goes to the Front page of a blog, because blogs are structured in reverse chronological order, and search engines are programmed to locate fresh dynamic content on the front page. > More here >

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