Can pictures be gallery and not gallery?

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    I am writing a post that I wanted to start off with a bunch of thumbnails. I wasn’t sure it would work, but I noticed that the recent changes with wordpress gave me a gallery. So, I clicked “insert gallery into post.” It worked! However, further down in the post, I want to have other individual pictures that are full size. But they are automatically added to the gallery, so then when I view my post, the gallery shot at the beginning has the other pictures in it as well. Is there a way to upload a pic and NOT have it automatically added to the gallery?



    Interesting. I think your usage is unusual and not something they’d anticipated, so send it in via your Support button.



    I just had a play with this and managed to get it to work. When you add media, click on the “Choose file to upload button”. Then, once it’s uploaded click directly on “Insert into Post”. The picture will be inserted into the post, BUT, it will also be inserted into the gallery. To delete it from the gallery go back to the Add media section and choose the Gallery tab. Click on Show for the picture you want to delete and then click delete and continue. You should now be able to see the gallery, and then further down in your post you can see the new added picture. It worked for me anyway!

    Good luck.



    Any images uploaded to a post will be in that posts gallery. You can get around this by uploading the images in another post (which doesn’t have to be saved) and then go to the post where you want to use the image and simply insert it because it’s already uploaded to your blog.



    Oh yippee Rain. I’m unusual too :-)

    I wanted to do the same exact thing a few weeks ago. I ended up using photobucket for the image I didn’t want in the gallery.

    I needed to explain an activity my kids had done, and needed the picture of their workmat separate from the pictures of them doing the activity.

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