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Can post summaries be used on homepage?

  1. thegeometryofleisure

    I am interesting in keeping a close eye on how many views my posts receive. For a while, I was allowing my latest 10 posts appear on the homepage of my blog, which meant that people could view more than one post, but statistically, it would only count as one.

    Therefore, I limited the posts that would appear on my homepage to 1, having in mind that visitors would click on previous posts and therefore would be tracked.

    However, my stats have gone down since I've tried this, and I think it is because of the lack of visibility of the older posts. At the bottom of the one visible post on my homepage, it only reads "Only Posts", but does not include the post title or a summary.

    HERE IS MY QUESTION: Is it possible to have all but the most recent post appear as a summary? I mean, I would like the latest post to appear in full and then the previous ones to appear as excerpts to encourage readers to continue reading...

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thank you for posting this. I have been wondering the same thing. I've been driving myself nuts trying to figure it out. I hope someone answers soon. :)

  3. @thegeometryofleisure
    Is this the blog in question?

    If so I have had the smae experience and I use the Inuit TYpes theme which automatically creates dummaries of the beginnings of posts on my fron page with read more links visitors can click to biew full posts on their own pages. (The Fusion theme has this feature too.)

    If you are using another theme you will have to edit each post and insert "the more tag" where you want the content to split. Please see here >

  4. @worsesum
    Please see my answer above. Also note that 7 minutes to get an answer is reare in the blogging world. Normally answers take from 12 - 24 hours on blogging support forums. That reality and the fact that vast and overwhelming majority of questions asked have been asked and answered many times before is why we encourage you to use search utilities and the support documentation. :)

  5. Thank you timethief. I'm new here and I was searching for this question in particular and just so happened to come back and saw it at the top. I've read many of your responses back to others and it has been very helpful with a lot of my questions.

  6. You're welcome. :) Have you located this link on the bottom of your dashboard? Learn WordPress — Tutorials and Walkthroughs

  7. Yes, that's been very helpful. Right now I'm reading other questions and suggestions in the forum to help with questions I have been having outside of the tutorial.

  8. @worsesum
    Lurking on the forum and reading forum threads is a good way to learn, provided you do not post unrelated questions into threads, and/or you do not attempt to answer questions unless you are positive you have the correct answerd and links to back them up. We Volunteers don't have time to chat like this and it's not our practice to be chatty. We answer questions and that's about it. So I will wish you well with your blogging and move on to the next question. :)

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