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Can ppl see who is visiting their blogs

  1. Lets say if my friend is a wordpress logged in user, and he is viewing my blog but has no comments left, will i be noticed from anywhere(e.g stats) showing that he has viewed my blog?

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  3. Roughly yes, if you're using the Clustrmaps widget or something similar. It won't show you a person's identity, but it will show you how many people are viewing your blog, and where they come from.

  4. We cannot use any programs that use javascript. We cannot use Google Analytics. We can get more information by using free third party tracking programs.
    Here are some options:
    Another option is

  5. What I have found out since yesterday is that the gostats that I installed yesterday provides that information. Today I was able to see where people are coming from and by IP address and how many times a particular IP address was on my site as well as what posts they were looked at. For instance, this one IP address from the UK looked at 4 different pages. I knew how they entered, they must have searched and entered on a particular page and then took a look around. Another IP address came and went 4 times over a period of time.

  6. I found that too and gostats counts your own visits. Its quite detailed for a free account.

  7. Hi, you can set it so that it does not count your own visits. You would to go "My Sites" and then under that, choose "Edit profile" and scroll down. They have two options, one is to enter your IP address or via cookie.

  8. You would "go to" (sheesh)

  9. Ok thanks Things are quiet so I will check that out.

    I also noticed google had visited, its interesting to see how often the bots visit.

  10. @lolvibe
    You can see every visit in your Google webmasters account.

  11. oh wow I didnt know that, thanks I'll check that out too!

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