Can somebody please help me with a mapping/domain steps to create a blog?

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    Please help someone that knows nothing about mapping or domains.

    I have a website that is hosted with one webhost but I bought the name from a different website ( Additionally, I do use Google Apps, which I read can’t be used with in the main domain. But I don’t get the whole:

    “Q: I own, and want to map a subdomain of that to my blog. Is that possible?
    A: Yes. You will need to add a DNS CNAME at your DNS provider before the domain mapping will work. You should not change your nameserver information if you just want to map a subdomain. The CNAME should look something like the following: IN CNAME [your-blog]”

    That to me is Chinese (no offense to Chinese but I don’t speak it). How is that different from my current top level domain from Google App based:

    Since I have one host and one domain name provider, and a few Google Apps domains (, what would be the actual steps I would have to follow to get removed from my blog and start using my own domain. I did read the support page but I still don’t get it. BTW, when I added, I just emailed my host with the DNS information and they did the rest.



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