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Can someone comment on my post without inserting an email address?

  1. Just wondering if, on my blog, can a person make a comment WITHOUT putting in their email address? Some people out there want to be anonymous..


  2. @ jgatos

    I know that in your dashboard >options >Discussion and then under the little subtitle "Before a comment appears" there is a little check box that reads:

    "comment author must fill out name and email"

    Maybe if you uncheck that box, that could work...but I'm not 100% sure! :)

  3. It will still be in there in the theme probably but it won't require it.

    I always throw in a garbage one anyway if it's a random site. :whistle: :)

  4. What do you mean by "I always throw in a garbage one anyway if it's a random site. :whistle::)" drmike? Can you elaborate? [she asked scratching her head and wondering if she's scrambled her brains by exercising too hard].

  5. Thanks.. your answer was correct! I'm all set..

  6. My suggestion if you want anon comments for the occasional post is to tell your readers what to use:
    "If you would like to leave a comment but not your identity, use this email address: ..........."

  7. Thanks ... That's a good idea, too!

  8. TT, something like [email redacted]

    Do system administrators everywhere a favor though and use a non working Top Level Domain at the end there like my '*.ttt' That way, if a spam bot does somehow pick it up and tries to send it out, some innocent system admin doesn't have to deal with it. The spam mailer would have to deal with teh bounce in that case. :)

    Do remember though that their are those of use who blog that when we answer a comment, we usually email a copy of the response back to the person as well.

  9. thanks - got it

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