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Can someone explain this content?

  1. I found 2 links to a blog entry of mine, both using my paragraph as an intro. On one of these sites it appears to consist only of my Digg intro...with nothing else. Should I be pleased that I'me being linked to? Or pissed that someone is using my work?

    My blog

    1st link
    [url removed]
    2nd limk
    [url removed]

  2. The first one used the blog poster from over at digg. The second one is a spammer probably.

    I can't see the edit link. You may want to break those links if you still can else you;re giving them credit for a link.

  3. Break them listed here so that its not a link? I cant see any edit button to do that, could be an idea to delete this post then. So you reckon I should ignore the first one and confront the second?

  4. You can't edit the first post in a thread. It's unfortunate but true.

  5. I did manage to change a typo I spotted !st to 1st before drmike added his comment. I noticed another limk that I can't lol. What I was curious about that the "read more" links through to my site, but everything from the title, to the entry itself (it's word for word EXACTLY my description). They have added none of their own work to it. It appears to be a manually entered blog, not a script fed one.

  6. I wouldn't worry about the Digg one. I think they have some kind of "blog this" utility that takes a snippet of the post and a link to the source, with the idea that the blogger will add comments. Some don't. But it's only a slice of what you said with a link, so I'd call it perfectly fair, if lazy, use. They're not ripping you off: they're referring people to your site to read the whole story.

  7. I only opened digg, technorati and accounts last night, I still havent got them figured out yet. I noticed the digg link was to mine too, yep. The second one I can't figure out....

  8. I've been checking a few of the blogspot blog. The ones that are not a youtube video with a short sentence, are linked like mine to other blogs. No wonder this person is prolific in posts, they don't write anything themselves. Does anyone know if this a TOC breaker with Blogspot?

  9. No, it's not. Stealing your entire posts is illegal: taking a section of them and linking back to you is generally not.

  10. Ok, thanks. To avoid any clicks through could the admins please delete this thread, I'll mark it as resolved.

  11. @ddurk
    I suggest you send in a feedback to have the links removed as neither drmike or trent seem to be online right now.

  12. Will do, thanks.

  13. You can't edit the first post in a thread.

    Actually you can for the hour or so a normal post gets. I myself just can't see it in ie6. On those locked down terminals at cpcc, I can't pull up source so I can't even copy and paste the edit link.

    Blog This! That's the name of it...

  14. FYI the time allowed for editing a post on the forum is 10 minutes.

  15. I put it down to "as soon as someone comments on it you can't edit the first post", either way, it's no biggie....thanks to whoever edited those links. I did take it up with the blogspot owner, and they have removed it. So that rounds up that issue....thanks for the help.

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