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Can someone explain why nothing I post comes out in order?

  1. Now, im not stupid by any means, and I know WordPress is great while it still is dealing with some pretty annoying problems.

    For me in this case, no matter what I post, nothing seems to take the front page, or top post. The top post is instead, a post completely out dated and at this point is the first thing anyone coming to my page will see, and they'll say "why is this still the front page post, hasnt he posted anything since this?"

    its extremely frustrating, I feel like this WYSIWYG style of maintenance is causing more and more problems as things progress. I wish these new beta features would be mentioned before put into affect without say from the users.

    Someone please let me know if youve run into this problem or something similar.

    and Admins, I know at least one of you can help. Please do, im trying to get more professional looks at my blog write-ups and this just makes it obnoxious.

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. For starters we need the URL of the blog in question beginning with http to help insure the advice given is accurate.

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