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can someone help me?

  1. i don't have access to my own blog

  2. hello.

    i changed my username and now i don't have access to my username as my blog domain. i don't know how to link them.

    i tried adding it on my profile and it doesn't work

  3. It's a common problem. I flagged this for staff to sort out.

  4. thank you.

    i find this frustrating. i can't navigate the page to access a link to contact the staff about this myself. i appreciate it.

    you say it's a common problem? you know how anyone has resolved it in the past?

  5. Yes. They flagged the thread for staff to fix. Only staff can fix it.

  6. jerrysarcastic

    Hi @ilissaducoat - I see I can see activity on your account that is more recent than this request. Were you able to regain access to your user account?

    Let me know if you need help still.

  7. my original request was because i did not have access to

    i still don't. but i made a new blog and i'm ok with it so, thank you anyway! i'm good.

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