Can someone help me get rid of this warning? Support isn’t helping!

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    I have received a warning from wordpress about their “concern about the content of my blog.” After looking through other forum posts, I’ve come to the realization that this may be because I opt to use several tags on my posts. I do this because I tag everything I mention in the post. However, if this is an undesirable practive I will stop immediately. Can someone please just give me my posting privileges back?



    contact support and be patient. no volunteer can help in such cases.



    yeah, but i’ve seen other posts like this where a moderator/staff member stepped in and made sure the issue was resolved. i’ve contacted support FIVE TIMES! this is infuriating. i have so much to write about.


    @newbornrodeo, temporarily disable the https stuff and get on with your writing. Just be careful where you write from. In other words, stay off of open public wifi networks.



    Thank you for deleting the post with the illegal download links.

    If you post illegal material then we do stop more posting until the material is removed.
    We don’t do this for no reason……..



    now can i write again?


    I see a staff member has indeed addressed your concerns. Is everything resolved?

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