Can someone help me? i’am new to blogging.

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    After searching for my article through Google, the link does not lead directly to my site but to “Tags-News” home page. I’ve tried opening links, in Google, of other blogs articles and it leads directly to their blog sites. Please help. Thanks.

    Details of search:
    – Singapore Gays Divide
    Results of Google search ;
    -2chances wrote ;etc….
    Clicking on link:
    -leads to “Tags” home page.



    For reference, the poster is looking at this search and it’s the fourth hit down currently.

    Google finds that the sitewide tag page for News holds more importance for that search result than that the post within your blog. Usually it’s because more folks are linking to the News page in the tag system over those linking to your blog. Considering that the News tag is the second most popular one here, that doesn’t surprise me. For reference that specific page has a Google Page Rank of 7 which is pretty high and means a lot of folks link to it.

    An example of the “I’ve tried opening links,” would be helpful as please remember that only you can see what you’re looking at.

    Hope this helps,

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