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Can someone help me with embedding slideshow please?

  1. * [The FAQ is unclear in that it seems to suggest slideshare also will work for slideshows but it only uses PPT or PDF not gif or jpg formats.]

    Rockyou and have both been abysmal in terms of functionality and I cannot get help! The previous questions are closed and don't explain the problems I'm having. Right now, I just spent over an hour loading a slideshow on (since no one has gotten back to me from Rockyou!) - I click "Save" and it's over 1.5 hours still flashing "Saving"....aaargh!

    PLEASE someone help me? Pretty please with sugar on top?

  2. pornstarbabylon

    Does the slideshow have javascript code in it and can you place the code here so we can see? Because javascript codes don't work here on

  3. Slideshow is like youtube [slideshow=xxxxxx] It's the only way it can be added. From what I'm gathering, the issue is on slideshow's side. As I know slides can be uploades, cuz I've done slideshow and somewhere (in another thread) I read that Jacqueline has uploaded a successful one to one of her blogs.

  4. It's not a javascript issue. And Diamondfistwerny is correct which is actually the frustrating part. It works SOMETIMES but not others. Their support is non-existent and ours seems to be MIA...

    I've cleared my cache etc, but the embed code just shows as the text not as a slideshow.,,.this is making me insane.

  5. Are you putting it in the HTML editor or the visual editor? Sometimes that seems to make a difference, sometimes it doesn't.

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