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Can someone list the plugins we have installed ?

  1. It would be very nice, if someone lists all the plugins that are installed @ . That way, we know what to install, if we are moving to a paid hosting service.

  2. Here's the list:

    Have a nice day. :)


    You sound like you're wanting to install your own plugins here. User installed plugins are not allowed as it would be a security concern since there would be no way to check on each and every one of them. Also remember that this is not standard WordPress that we are running here but WorldPress Multiuser. The file system is different and a number of plugins don't work on the WPMU system.

    Hope this helps,

  3. We have Akismet and widgets, which are plugins on self-hosted blogs but aren't here. If you want to recreate your setup here on a self-hosted blog, you'd need to activate Akismet and download the widgets plugin.

  4. Probably WP-ExtremeVideo as well or another video player.

  5. No drmike - i am Not trying to install my own plugin here.

    I know these are installed.

    -askimet --> requires the API key. comes with wordpres 2.0.3 default.

    But there are other plugins i assume, the Feed Stats and the Site Stats.. and url-re-writer as well.

    Anyone knows, what are they called ?

  6. Feed and site stats are code specially written (I believe) for

    Many have asked for the code, all have failed. ;o)

    The URL rewriter is built in wordpress code and is not a plugin.

    Hope this helps.


  7. The stats program was developed inhouse. It's not a publicly available plugin.

  8. thats the thing : ) . .i have searched for it soo long :P .. well i m now using analytics for the other site i have offshore .. they serve me good . .but still i think the Stats have given us is the best yet :D :D ..

    n yea. true . . the url rewriter, i completely forgot :P . .its the permalink feature :P

    anyway. .thanks everyone for their nice lil shares : )

  9. ehab
    As you are moving to bloghosting it's probably best for you to connect to this forum

  10. ehab - if you have offshore hosting you might also want to look at wp-shortstat as a plugin.

    [Link added - drmike]

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