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Can someone PLEASE help (Forever Theme)

  1. 1. I am having slider issues with the Forever theme. I have made a few posts sticky and I have included featured images. Still no slider.

    2. I am trying to figure out how to put images with links in my widget area that will appear how it does on this site:


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm also using this theme on my personal blog. All widgets are found here > Appearance > Widgets
    Also I just replied to your other thread which will be moved to the Themes Forum where Themes Staff will answer you.

  3. images with links in my widget area

    You can upload images into your Media Library and then use an image widget or a text widget.

  4. Thank you for the response!

    But I am trying to achieve the look of this blog:

    To be specific, it is under her "Stay In Touch" widget heading on the blogs homepage. I know how to put images with links, but I don't understand how to get them to look like that.

    The blog I am referring to is featured on the Forever Theme "Who's Using This Theme" showcase.

  5. They did as the text widgets link support page timethief reference suggestions. the 4 linked images where inserted left aligned and the code is one right after the other (not on separate lines. The theme has right padding set for all images and that creates the spacing between the icons

  6. Got it. Thanks.

  7. You are welcome.

  8. mitaroygoahotel


    How did you manage to put the Follow @timethief widget on your sidebar on your personal blog WITHOUT showing a single tweet ??


  9. mitaroygoahotel

    And btw, does anyone here recognise the font used in the header of the Forever Theme ?

    Id like to use the same font for my print campaigns...


  10. @mitaroyhotelgoa: You created a separate topic so I suggest to continue the discussion there instead...

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