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can someone recognize the basic theme of this blog?

  1. Hi everyone. I was given this screenshot by a friend when we talked about choosing themes for our blogs. He said he was sure it was a website with a customized theme. Neither he nor I were able to locate it on the net to look up the theme.

    Which is why I'm asking here: maybe someone can recognize the basic theme that was used for it? Thanks in advance!

  2. I don't recognize it. If it's among the 230 themes showcased here which are the only ones we can use on a free hosted blogs then see if your can locate it there.

  3. "Elite Furniture" is the name of the theme, and it's not a theme.

  4. Oh my. This isn't a site, this is a theme. Only after you said it, I stopped looking at normal titles and saw "aliquam erat", the typical "theme example' text.

    Thanks. Such a pity, I don't plan to use, at least for white.

    timethief, thanks, I guess I'll go look for another theme there.

    This topic can now be closed.

  5. You're welcome and best wishes with your theme selection.

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