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Can someone tell me how to change the colour when im writing

  1. Hello, How do you change the colour of your writing in a post

    - Dragonflyer

  2. Help me please

  3. Help!

  4. In order to change the color of writing in your posts, you need to have the CSS upgrade. It allows you the ability to change all of your colors and positions of things on your blog. Be advised, people with knowledge of CSS are mainly those that upgrade as there is limited support on CSS after you upgrade.

    If you are thinking about the upgrade, you might want to read through the articles listed here in the FAQ first to make sure you have an understanding of what to do! Just changing the color of fonts in your blog is a small change, but there are some other issues that can arise with the accidental changing or editing of a CSS sheet!


  5. I can't be bothered to buy CSS is there another way

  6. First off, chill. Bumping your posts after 0 and then two minutes is considered extremely bad form and most people will ignore you.

    Yes, there is another way. In the FAQ (look at the top of the forum) there are instructions for changing the font colour (color). Next up, try searching the forum for "font color" or "font colour" and see the results. This has been discussed many many times and searching will show you the results you require.

  7. Here's the FAQ on the subject.

    A quick mention though. We have a rule here in the forums where you have to wait 24 hours to "bump" your own posts. Please don't do that again.

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