Can Someone Use My Blog’s Title as Their Domain Name

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    I have been getting strange emails here recently. But the one I got yesterday really upset me. I have a good reputation and so does my blog. I just copied the email I got and pasted it below:

    “Ooohh, I am quite interest inside your domain. If I set up one web site utilizing this domain, I can earn 100-200 USD daily. Your domain is very good. In case you don’t wish to market this domain, I can cooperate with you on a condition that you share 50% revenue with me. :D”

    There’s no way this person can take the title of my blog and use it as his domain, is it? I have just busted my butt working on my blog and I don’t want some clown to come along and snatch the title and ruin me and the blog.

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes they can. You might at that point have some recourse through the courts but not a lot of fun.

    Why not just register your title as a domain? Only $ 5– plus Domain Mapping for a total under $ 20– a year. Then you are master of your own Domain (OK – sorry about the pun :) )


    The emails are a lie. I checked and all your domains are still available. Buy them up quickly now. Even if you don’t redirect them right away, just buy them and keep them parked or redirect the others, if you buy more than one, to your Twitter or Myspace pages. Buy the privacy feature too so to keep your personal information off of public record. considering you now have someone very interested in you.



    Also many registers offer a plain Redirect in that any one going to a registered domain that you want to forward to your real web site, so you don’t need to have a fancy Domain Mapping many people do this with misspelled domain names (tom & thom for instance).

    Listen to pornstarbabylon.


    This is typical scammer/spammer BS. I’ve never seen a situation where they actually followed through.



    Also be careful for “renewal” scams, I get email and letters from time to time warning me of imminent disaster if I don’t send them money to renew a site that has 2 years to go.

    Lots of scammers out there. Buy a few domain names and sleep better.



    Thank you for for your advice. I feel a little more at ease now. I have one more question, how do your purchase your domain? Is it offered when you are applying for your blog or name I mean.This is all very new to me.

    I also got hit with a bunch of spammers over the weekend. All of these were from a different video download site. WordPress caught them but it still bothers me because I know all they want to do is screw up your whole site. I think the spammers need to get a life.

    Is there anyway to make sure they don’t get through and destroy your site?

    Thank you again for all your help,



    Do you want to purchase on Domain or many? (We gave you much advice above including purchasing a truck load of Domains including misspelled so the advice to you depends on if you are want to have more than one Domain)

    Domain’s can be purchased as an upgrade. From your Dashboard >> Click on Upgrades.

    If you buy your own Domain then it also needs to be Mapped (another upgrade) so that someone typing in the new Domain they end up where you want them to.

    Total cost about $ 17– U.S. funds.



    Spammers are a sad fact of life for a web site. Akismet is always on at to protect you.

    If you want another layer go to the Discussion section (under Settings) configuration and check the box “An administrator must always approve the comment” then only what you approve is posted. I use that on my sites, but if you have a high traffic site this can be a pain and some people don’t like the lack of instant gratification of seeing their comments show up at once.

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