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Can someone with CLASS tell me the difference between WORDPRESS.COM AND ORG?

  1. I try to sign up for a frikken account on and it takes me to!!!!! Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Why are you so rude ot people?

  3. Because they ignore what I tell them. You. Are. In. The. Wrong. Forum. Nothing I could add along the "I'm sorry to negatively enhance your self-esteem" lines could change that in any way. You are in the wrong forum. We do not have plugins here. You cannot install plugins on a blog. You cannot use the All In One SEO Pack with a blog. The website linked to your name is not a site.

    You are in the wrong forum.

  4. this is my wordpress site... so I AM linked to wordpress..

  5. Ah. Why didn't you say so? Then you cannot add plugins of any kind to your blog, nor google analytics either. As explained in that thread I gave you, plugins are for only.

  6. Then why are you asking about

  7. thanks Rain.. perhaps we can start over? lol.... Im sorry man I am just mentally drained from this process. Please forgive m? lol.... so..... is even worth it?

  8. I don't know. He's been complaining for awhile now that has forced him over to But if he has had a blog all along, I don't see why that would be a problem.

  9. All these people up on youtube embeddding plug-ins evidently are on with minimal support and a potentiality for their sites to go down blah blah blah? They say that SEO all in one pack adds adrenalien ot their sites.. etc.. ?

  10. Okay, fair enough.

    If your main purpose in blogging is to send everyone to your external site, then you will need to be at, because that's against the terms of service here. If you're dying to use those plugins, you'll have to go to But if all you want to do is blog, there's no particular reason to go the independent .ORG route, and it's much easier technically for you to stay here. Staff do all the maintenance.

  11. Besides, the SEO boost you'll get at WP.COM pretty much outweighs the All in One SEO pack on an independent site. Just use categories and tags, no more than 12 on a post, and you'll be doing better than you would at .org.

    Thanks for coming back and apologizing. I appreciate it. I'm not here to make people feel rotten, but I am quite capable of doing it. Now that we've got it all straightened out, we're good.

  12. takes you to!! man clear this up for me.. I am getting mentally constipated now.. lol

  13. Okay, ignore .org! I don't know why it's sending you here, but your blog is a blog, so here is where you should be anyway.

    It could be that it's recognizing your email when you sign in and automatically directing you here because it knows that email registered a blog? I don't know. But that forum's not relevant to this one, because our stuff works differently. Just ignore .org.

  14. Thanks rain.. you totally rule.. one last question.. when I go into my stats.. it says that no search engines have sent any hits... any suggestions? Thanks bud. :)

  15. It's a little early yet. It can take Google up to six weeks to index a site. Just keep posting and they'll catch up. You can go to Google Blogsearch and Ping them and they'll look over your site; also, the more links to other people you have, the faster search engines will find you. And the more links from other people to yours.

    One last bit of advice: change the link on your Profile under Website to your blog. It would have saved a lot of time! And that way you don't have to keep posting the link when you ask a question.

  16. Thanks Rain.. I wanted your opinion on this comment about pinging Google blogsearch.. it deviates fro mwhat you said ( up to 6 weeks) etc. .thanks Rain.


    I’ve launched a number of new sites lately in an effort to test different theories. Most but not all of them have been based on WordPress as I can launch a new site with a few pages of content within an hour.

    With these site launches I have noticed some interesting patterns. All of them which I set to ping Google blog search were spidered within minutes and the site was in their index within days. On the sites which I did not ping Google, the sites took weeks to get indexed, even when I pointed strong links towards them.

    WebmasterWorld has a thread where some people are noticing similar patterns on more established sites. They claim to have posts from established blogs in the index within hours, not days.

    The only negative side affect I can find has to do with supplemental results. These where brand new sites, most with only a single link from a forum post. So even though the sites where indexed at warp speed, within a week many of the pages went supplemental. This probably won’t be a problem for established sites or sites that actively link build from the start.

    This could even be adapted for non blog content. I believe most CMS software has some form of ping system addon these days. If not, you could always have it added yourself.

  17. I read that at the time. It's more or less what I already said: Google takes some time to index you. You can speed up the process by registering at Technorati and Google Blogsearch and pinging manually to start it off, but pinging software is built in to so you don't normally have to worry about it.

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