Can something be done to prevent Google from "stealing" images?

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    I noticed a significant decline (roughly 50%) in traffic since Google launched its new Google Image Search a few days ago. Before, a viewer would click on a thumbnail image to see a small version of my original image with the source blog post looking something like a background watermark. At that point, the viewer could click through to my blog post containing the full-sized image along with my copyright notice (in my blog’s side bar) and other content.

    Now, a viewer who clicks on a thumbnail in Google’s image search results sees a high-resolution image with only a link to my blog’s homepage. (No more blog page background). At that point, the viewer has seen the high resolution image. Why would that viewer need to look further? Few, in fact, are. Can WordPress do something about this?

    Note: I am not a tech-savvy person, but have been reading about the significant declines in traffic on image-based blogs (as mine is) and how some bloggers are blocking Google’s ability to hotlink to images. I don’t know if this is the best solution, but I would like my images to result in traffic for my blog not for Google to be the supplier of my images.

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    You misunderstand. Google is not stealing images. That’s their cache of indexed images. If your images are not indexed and in that cache then when people search using Google they will not find the images from your site.

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