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Can somone give me 15 credits somehow?

  1. Not sure if this is in the right forum but, I dont have the money to buy credits and want to have my own domain. Can somone help me?

  2. If you're asking for donations, this is the wrong place.

    Every blogger at has under their upgrades page a place where they can buy gifts. Now all you have to do is get at least one blogger to like you well enough to give you an upgrade.

  3. lettershometoyou

    Sounds like the caption for a cartoon. Brother, can you spare 15 points for an upgrade?

  4. sell the joke for the 15 quid

  5. Not helping.

  6. One step at a time brother ...

  7. The answer is: anyone can, but no-one wants to.

  8. Gota earn it monkey! Now dance!

  9. monkey as in monkeys get trained to get change from people in a circus, not monkey because u look and smell like a monkey (argh i should make myself clearer :D )

  10. Well, how do you know what he looks and smells like? I've learned not to rule anything out on the internet.


  12. You don't understand: you have to make people WANT to help you. That's YOUR responsibility. Right now, we don't even know what you smell like. How do you expect us to help you under those circumstances, eh?

  13. Seriously, you can't beg for it... like everyone on here is saying... it has to be "offered" to you. If you go out asking for it no one will give it to you.

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