Can spammers also use the "Like" button?

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    Not that I mind people liking my posts at all, but just last night I had two groups of about 20 “likes” on a series of my posts each from a different username that seemed a little suspicious. All usernames were French-sounding obviously first-last name combinations regardless the country of origin. In each group the messages were within seconds or minutes of each other, as if someone simply went down the blog and clicked “like” on each post in order, and all were from two countries: the first group was from the Czech Republic and Berlin, Germany, the second from Switzerland and Irakleion, Iraklion, Greece. The hyperlinks, if there are any, lead only to gravatars.

    I’ve had individuals who’ve just found my blog do this, but all the likes are from one person and I usually have at least one comment from them or can trace them to a site.

    I’m just concerned for security, plus it’s really annoying to get the e-mail notifications of all these! I’ll be glad to forward one or all of them to you. Does Akismet have any guard against spamming “likes”?
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    Hi there,

    Thank you for bringing this up! While we don’t typically see spammers using the “Like” button on users’ sites, it is possible that this could happen. If you have any concern about the user who’s liking your posts, you can contact our Terms of Service team at (email redacted)

    Currently, Akismet does not block “Likes.”

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