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Can Stumble button HTML be added to

  1. Hi all, would love to have a "stumble this" button added at the bottom of each of my posts. Want to have it happen automatically. Has anyone done this in the CSS coding?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It cannot be done in CSS.

    If you are on windows, use "get social." It isn't automatic, but it works quite well.

  3. rhymeswithmagic

    I would love to use Get Social, but it doesn't seem to work in Windows Vista. Has anyone figured out a workaround for Vista?

  4. Get social works fine for me and I'm using Vista here is the Video Tutorial I made about Get Social maybe this will help you get it running right.

  5. rhymeswithmagic

    Hi t3ck,

    Thanks for the assistance. I deleted the versions on my laptop and downloaded from your site and still it doesn't work.

    I followed your tutorial and my version doesn't extract into a folder. It extracts the icon - the green arrow. This is the error message I get:

  6. I suggest contacting the software author I have never encounter that error before contact link -->

  7. rhymeswithmagic

    Thanks. I actually did contact the author, who was the one who suggested it was a Vista problem.

  8. oh okay,

  9. Wait, Vista has problems???

  10. rhymeswithmagic

    Don't let Bill Gates hear you!!

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