Can sub-categories have sub-categories?

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    Hi, I want to know if subcategories on a blog can have subcatogories (subsubcatogories)
    If this is not possible, Why is it not possible?



    It appears not to be possible. I have no idea why.


    It is possible. You just select the subcategory name as the parent at posts > categories. In fact, you can even have sub-sub-sub-categories if you wish.


    I’ve got three set as sub-sub categories on one of my test sites.


    See here and look at the categories widget.



    Interesting. Someone just blew up their custom menu trying for two layers of sub menus. I wonder if it’s theme related.


    Let me try it in a menu.


    Nope, look at the “test category. 4 levels. NOW, this is going to take thought as placement of one of these 4-level category menu items will be crucial. You cannot put it at the far right end of the menu or there is a very good chance that part of the menu will end up being hidden off the side. This is one of the drawbacks of pure CSS/XHTML style menus. With Javascript based menus, you can write them so that they will adjust for things like that and send the menu shoot off the other side, or perhaps move the subs inbound so that the end doesn’t get cut off. CSS/XHTML menus are far better for CSS purposes, but they are “dumb” menus.


    When viewing the test category menu, give it a little time as it can take a moment for all of them to show up the first time.

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