can tables be supported in WordPress?

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    I am copying files from cd’s which are in Microsoft Word and some contain tables in them. When copied the text is fine (I turned the text rich editor off) but the tables are not supported. Is there some “fix” for this. (Note: my computing skills are modest and any help would help appreciated).



    Tables are supported. The problem is most likely due to copying from Word. WP and Word don’t play very well together.



    I found that if I create a table in MS FrontPage (web page creation software) and copied and paste the code into the html editor in WordPress (my blog is hosted by that the table gets re-created in WordPress. Even text colour changes and cell colours gor re-created.

    If you haven’t got MS FrontPage, you could try downloading the (free) web page creator Nvu ( creating a table in that and pasting the code over. I haven’t tried it myself yey.

    Peter, UJ



    Word and HTML don’t play well together. :)

    Please note that I think we went through this a month ago and we discovered that some themes will over ride certain parts of a table. (ie the border) It’s kind of hit and miss.



    i wanted to put tables in a post and i didn’t know how to do it in html, so i pasted the table from word to paint and saved it as jpg, and uploaded it as an image. =P newbie’s solution



    Good idea…



    Just in case it’s significant my operating system is windows xp professional (2003). I have a mozilla firefox browser and I downloaded some extensions.

    Thanks to everyone for your replies. I abandoned the effort because it became a hit and miss frustration. I’m to “new” to cope with the stress of it all. I tried the cut and paste to paint. It worked in one template but not the one I wanted. Basically I have gone back a forth in a sort of template mania until I finally now seems have one that’s okay for me. So here are three other newbie questions for you. (1) Why is it that I have entered 7 bookmarked sites and yet no blogroll is appearing on the site? (2) Why is it that I can browse photographs in “my pictures” and insert them but I can’t get at the clip collection I can readily access in my Word word processing program? (3) I downloaded because I thought being able to get at my bookmearks when I wasn’t on my own computer would be great. Somehow (I’m not clear on how) I clicked something and the entire toolbar just disappeared.

    I appreciate the fact that it’s prbably a pain in the baskside to deal with rank amateurs to both the computer and blogging world but where else can I go for help?



    1 – Have you added the links widget to your theme? Have the links been assigned to categories?

    I can’t help you on the other two because you haven’t provided any details I’m afraid.



    I’ll give it a shot :)

    2. It sounds as if you’re trying to get at the microsoft clipart you can access from inside MS Word? I’m not sure but these could be stored in a format that is not accessible outside MS Word. Also, even if they are accessible they are unlikely to be “web ready” (i.e. in the right format for use). Try importing them into a Word document and then copy-pasting them into MS Paint/another graphics package. Then save as .JPEG format and upload. Unfortunately, according to this article the result will be low resolution. Unfortunately I don’t have MS Word so I can’t help you much further.

    3. If there is a problem with the toolbar I’d suggest try asking on their site/forums. But, in case you’ve just switched off the toolbar, try the following in your browser:

    Select View->Toolbars. In the list that appears, select the entry (so it has a tick next to it). It should now appear.

    Hope that helps,



    Hello again

    drmike my first question was (1)Why is it that I have entered 7 bookmarked sites and yet no blogroll is appearing on the site?

    You responded asking two questions
    1 – Have you added the links widget to your theme? Have the links been assigned to categories?

    The answer to the 1st question you ask is “yes”. The answer to the second one is I don’t know what you mean. I have established 6 categoris and there’s the “uncategorized” one too. They seem to be working fine. If one clicks the category these get access to the posts in the category.

    But I have another problem today that I didn’t have yesterday. Including “uncategorized” I can count 37 posts when I click categories and add up the posts in each. However only 15 posts are available to me when I click categories. Where the heck did the little “previous posts ” and “next posts” at the bottom of categories go overnight? I had it yesterday but today it’s gone.

    drmike I have visted your blog and have noticed that we have chosen the same template and even the same header colour. I do not see a blog roll on your site either. And even though I see “visible” noted in my bookmarks there are none visible when viewing the site. Perhaps the template we have chosen does not support blogrolls.

    My second question was (2) Why is it that I can browse photographs in “my pictures” and insert them into my blog but I can’t get at the clip collection I can readily access in my Word word processing program?

    mutube thanks for answering. You hit the nail on the head. This was exactly what I was referring to. I tried the copy-pasting to paint idea and I got product that had such poor resolution that I trashed it. The same thing happened with the tables I copy pasted to paint too. This is a great disappointment to me because I’m doing a lot of writing that contains both clip art and tables.

    Now for the idiot of the week award – I’m embarrased to say mutube you were right about the toolbar I must have turned it off accidentally (shheesh).

    My third question about has been posted on another forum elsewhere and hopefully someone there can help me with it.

    My thanks to you two and to marc, pmad and sulz also for lending a helping hand.

    To summarize my primary unresolved issues in this thread are:
    (1) the missing blue font underlined link “previous” and “next” pertaining to posts at the bottom of the manage categories page;
    (2) the blogroll that’s not visible on the site although it says each bookmarked link is visible.



    FYI, regarding creating the table in NVU, it worked just fine. This probably goes without saying, but, I’ll say it anyway… You must switch to code view and copy the code from table tag to end table tag. You cannot select the table from the normal/design view and just drop it in. I am trying to get away from Front Page, and Nvu seems to be a resasonable solution. :)



    Most of use here use a offline writer called Blogdesk that has HTML support in either WYSIWYG mode or see the code mode.



    i think i have found the right way to do it.
    save your excel file as CSV. then open Dreamweaver(if you don’t have, you can download free from, and go to files , import – tabular data . Once the data shows on your Dreamweaver page, click on ‘Code’ for this page and copy it.
    Now go to your WordPress blog and while making the post, paste it in the ‘Code’ Section.
    And, you are done!. See the results on this blog –

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