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can tags be added to posts later on

  1. I noticed that tags are picked up right away by WP when they're changed.

    If tags are changed or more are added later on, will the search engines pick them up too?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Search engines pick them up anyway. They will change the way they index your site every few weeks. If you add a tag, they will register that immediately.

  3. Wonderful. Thanks very much.

  4. Whatever you do, don't go back and adelete anddd tags to things once a day or soemthing. I've seen QUITE a few blogs suspended for doing that; it's tag spamming.

  5. Sometimes I have added tags and looked to see how many blogs show up with those tags, then get rid of the ones where there are no other blogs listed. Is that not good to do that? Usually I only have 1 category and 5 or 6 tags.

  6. It is not good to do that, trust me. Look FIRST; t structure of tag pages is identical, so just check first. And there's nothing wrong with using a unique tag once in a while.

  7. Okay I will do that. Thanks.

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