Can the front page show posts just to one category?

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    I’d like the front page to show posts just from one category – News. Is that possible? I’d rather keep all the other topics listed in a sticky News post as links (along with the site introduction), and also via sidebar links.

    I had originally used a static page for the front page and put the intro in there, but I’d also like the news posts to be added there automatically.

    The blog I need help with is



    We’d need to know what theme you’re using.It may make a difference.



    Sorry, it’s Contempt.

    It took me a while to find this forum post as I hadn’t added it to my ‘favourites’, and when I searched the forum for ‘category (or any other text from the post)’, it didn’t show up! And I’m sure it didn’t appear under the forum category tag listing, although it does now.

    Eventually I found which led me back here….



    FWIW- You can also click on your username at the top of the front page of the forums, where it says, “Welcome, (username)”. The username is a link to your profile.

    About the category, thing, give me a bit to play with it and I’ll post back.



    Thanks for the shortcut, I didn’t think of looking there.

    Weird that the post doesn’t appear via the search.



    Well, my investigations are far from exhausted, but it’s been an interesting challenge. So far, bupkes.

    If anyone else wants to play with this, feel free.



    FWIW-Forum search algorithm needs a serious looking into by Staff. Try the Support search instead, as it also turns up things in the forums.



    Thanks JJ.

    LOL I clicked on bubkes initially thinking it was a theme that did it :)



    I’m trying to do this too, except with two categories in two different boxes, so you’d have separate “latest news entries” and “latest blog entries” boxes on the front page. Seems like something that should be really easy to do…



    Please post the complete url for the wordpress.COM blog you are referring to starting with http:// so we can begin to help you.



    This is something I am hoping to know as well. So, if anyone finds the answer, it will be X 2 people that will be greatful. :)

    I am a newbie to WP, and this thing is simple at times, and frustrating at times. At the moment, my site is SO bare bones, that nothing is being posted to the “home” area. I have a RSS feed that is feeding a category that I created, but I want that category to be displayed in the home page. With all the great things WP has, I thought this would be a major thing to include as one of the display options for new information.

    Or, maybe it’s just me. ;)



    @rgeczi that site is not hosted on, so we won’t be able to help you with that. You need to seek help over at

    WordPress.COM or WordPress.ORG? The difference

    8 Things To Know Before Posting in WordPress.Com Forums



    The only way I know of for the front (main) page of a blog to display only posts in a particular category AND update automatically is for the blog in question to contain posts in only that one category.

    You could make a static page and copy/paste everything onto that page, deleting one post from the bottom for each one added. That’ll kill your search engine juice.

    Why not just register one blog for NEWS and one for Non-News trivia, and link from one to another in the sidebar?


    I’ve not tried this, but there is a possibility of using the trick of putting an HTML link as a page title that Panos has covered in this post: . Do note that it only works cleanly with the themes listed in the left column – for top navigation tabs – but it will work in all themes for the pages widget.

    What you would do is create a new page and then for the title of that page put the HTML code for a text link to the category page you wished to have as the main page. You would also need to create a standard “post page.” You would then go to settings > reading and set the page with the HTML text link as the “static front page” for the blog, and then set the posts page you created as the “posts page.”


    Yup, got that to work, and works well with the redoable lite theme…


    Oops, that was too early! no it did not work!

    Some how the tab does not link to that category :( still live… for only a few more hours


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