Can this be true?

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    Is it true that only allows one user to post on the blog. The way I had my blog set up was that anyone was free to join it and post on it as they wish. However, I created my and it is not allowing my friend to post on my site. If this is indeed the case, then this blog will not work for me.
    Is there any way to allow multiple users on one blog?



    Yes you can, rizzc.

    However, your friend would need to have an account on before he/she can be added to your user list to post.

    In other words, your friend would need to have a blog on

    After which, proceed to User at your Admin Panel. Then Authors and Users. Use the “Add User From Community”, enter your friend’s username and select his/her role on the blog.

    Currently, other than this method, there isn’t any other methods. But it might become available in the future. :)



    My friend signed up, but when she hits the new post button it sends her back to her own blog. How can I make it so that she writes on MY blog. For my original blog I let users register and post on my blog. In is it necessary to create a whole blog just so that people can write posts on my blog


    Rizzyc: To add someone to your blog, go to your Dashboard>>>Users>>>Authors & Users.
    Scroll down to “Add User from Community.” Add that person…set them up a user name and password. Then they have to go to to login and post to your blog.



    After I add them up? It does not tell me to set them up a username or password or anything. I have set my friend as an Author, but when I refer her to the link u posted, her password is not working??


    She should get an email with her new password for your blog only. She will then have to sign out of her blog. You can only be signed in to one blog at a time.



    she managed to post on my site, but has no idea how lol

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