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can twentyeleven do excerpts?

  1. psburnsurvivors

    I just don't really want the entire post displayed.

    Am I missing the obvious?

    (Please say yes, please say yes)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, but not directly. See here for how to do the trick:

  3. psburnsurvivors

    Ah, perfect. I knew I was missing something ...


  4. Well, it is not really obvious.

    When I first experimented with the concept, I had my pictures attached to the post so they showed the thing as a gallery with X # of pictures. It looked stupid.

    Attaching them to a draft works, but I wanted to use that theme for a work blog and have guest authors who don't know much about computer. The draft post stuff would have been too confusing. Not difficult, but just one extra thing for them to learn. I just switch themes. Now I have to convince my co-workers to write some posts. LOL.

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