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Can two people from two different computers work on a WP blog?

  1. Hello,

    My friend and I want to work on a blog together, but we are at two different locations. Can this be done with a WP blog site? If so how can we do this?

  2. We need a link to the blog in question to provide you with accurate help.

  3. The blog is

  4. I've done it with a friend of mine in England, and I'm in the US....I made her my co admin....

  5. Thank you for getting back to me. When you made her your co-administrator, how did she access your site account? If I logged into my account how would I get into his blog site account?

  6. The answer is yes. There are official user roles you can assign and instructions for adding users. We recommend that there only be one Admin for every blog, as an Admin can do absolutely everything, including deleting the entire blog, and we have seen that happen. Once a blog has been deleted the content is gone forever and the URL cannot be recycled and reused by anyone again.

  7. You don't have access to each others accounts.

    I am admin for some friends blogs - they are editors (in one case I don't trust him with a mouse) - and all I can see are their actions on the blogs I am Admin on - I have no idea if they have another blog or not - and I would not have access to the Dashboard unless they invited me in.

  8. Ok, thanks.

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