can unregistered visitors post articles, comments?

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    Would like to find out if it is possible to create a forum type blog which would be PUBLIC and would not need visitors to use LOGIN or REGISTER system to post unless specified by administrator. – A kind of ANONYMOUS account where you [a visitor] could post a comment freely and add your name [not email] next to it..



    It’s called a wiki.

    You can set your blog to allow comments from the public, but not posts themselves. For that you need a wiki like or



    ee that was quick – thanks!

    You see we need to create a blog/forum for the workers of one company. The employer’s attitude towards any attempts to organize people to exercise their rights at work – is hostile. So the only way out we see is to build a virtual community for us where we could raise our issues amongst us, and to the public as well.

    So we are in need of service where a visitor is given freedom of choice whether to go for a registered user whether to stay anonymous. Because the more you write under the Registered User the more chance you could be tracked down by the employer..



    It sounds to me like you need a wiki.



    People can post anonymously on wikis without having to leave so much as a fake email.


    You could also try if you want more of a bboard type of thing for discussions.

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