Can users request an invite to a private blog?

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    I’ve just recently created a PRIVATE site. The site will be to report on my travels while out of the country.

    I understand the process of INVITING users to my site. I was wondering if there is a way for users that I haven’t even thought of (but may want to add later after I’ve departed) to REQUEST to be invited to my blog and then I approve them?

    I find that MY having to do all the inviting is time consuming and cumbersome. It requires my having to know everyone’s email address before I leave.

    I’m also finding that my invited users are confused about how to apply for a USERNAME only vs. applying for a account.

    Any ideas or suggestions?


    If someone tries going to your site, they will directed to a page that will tell them it is private and it will give a link so that they can contact you to request access. You will get those requests by email.



    I had the same problem trying to get some of my family members on board a private blog I run for them. I eventually hauled them all in, but another option depending on your view of security and privacy is to make your blog public but specify no search engines. There is no guarantee that it won’t get searched and indexed. So it’s not really private. But the blog will be veryhard to find without knowing its URL. That way wall you need to do to get people onboard is just send people the URL, no account needed. (Kind of like a flickr guest pass, if you are familiar with that – except that you can’t expire it!) Depends how private you want to be.

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