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Can visitors upload their own photos to my free WordPress site?

  1. Is there a feature that allows visitors upload their own photos to my free WordPress site?
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  2. Is there a feature that allows visitors to upload their own photos to my free WordPress site?

  3. No - they can send you a link then you would up load the picture

  4. Well, yes.

    Icanhascheezburger has this ability. They pay, I believe, $2,400 a month for it.

  5. Auxclass & Raincoaster,
    Thanks for your replies. Is there any feature available if the free account is upgraded to the paying account? Also, Mr Raincoaster, I think $2400 per month would be a bit too much to pay to enable visitors to upload their photos.

  6. That's the price. What you are proposing is not available for free. It's a huge security risk, for one thing.

    The only upgrade that will allow you to do this is the VIP upgrade, which is what Cheezburger has and the price is what I have said.

  7. Raincoaster, thanks again for the info. It's actually for my client who wants me to create a site for him with this uploading feature. I figured there would be a security issue - Cheezburger makes it so easy without even having to log in!

  8. You're going to need to use a install and spend some decent money to make this safe or possible. It can't be done here without the VIP upload, which is overkill.

  9. Raincoaster, yes I'm beginning to understand that it's expensive technology. I'll suggest to my client that his site should say, "Send us your photos and we'll post them on our site." Thanks again for your assistance.

  10. That should work. Good luck!

  11. There was a post from about maybe a year or two ago that someone had suggested a method to do this, but I'm not able to spend time looking for it right now.

    Regardless your visitors can also comment with the link to wherever they've uploaded their image and you can collect it from there, as suggested by tsp here

  12. justjennifer, thanks for the info. I keep it in mind.

  13. FWIW-The gist of the earlier forum reply I referenced above required that anyone submitting images had to at least have an Author role, so no change from the reply given by timethief in the thread she linked to.

  14. Thanks justjennifer. I'm now looking into having my client's WordPress site link to a photo-sharing site such as, to see if it would make it easier for visitors to upload their own images to his site without having to open an account (although I think Flickr requires them to have at least a Google or Yahoo account).

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