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can we add advertizment in our acc.?

  1. can we add advertizment in our acc.?
    in our own coustom domain blog??
    my blog--visit it---under construction...
    fr sendimg ans....comment in my latest post in my blog....not here

  2. If you pay someone to host your blog, you can use wordpress.ORG software. You can put whatever you like on a blog you pay for.
    As I said before, wordpress.COM blogs can not have adverts.

    Difference between .org and .com:

  3. can we add advertisment in our acc.? in our own coustom domain blog??

    No you cannot. It does not matter if your own the domain or not. If it's free hosted by the answer is no.

    If you want a site that can be monteized you are barking up the wrong tree at To do that you will have to spend the money to hire a web host and download a free blog/software from

    types of blogs allowed and not allowed at - read carefully >
    advertising read carefully >

  4. You may only post here to promote your blog by asking others to visit > Showcase Forum

    You may chat about anything else under the sun only here > Off-Topic Forum

    We can click "member" under your username and see the links to every post you have made to this forum. You man NOT post any off topic comments into other support forum threads. You are clearly making attempts to promote your blog by dropping irrelevant links to your blog. That behavior is extremely annoying and it must stop.

  5. but i've heard dat fr
    in dat software..--we have to learn php etc...

    and dont't know abt dat

  6. @mascaren7
    You have your answer to your questions twice over now. You cannot advertise on your blog. If you want a free hosted blog you can advertise on then Blogger has free hosted blogs you can put Adsense on. But you cannot do that on your free hosted blog here at

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