Can we approve/disapprove subscribers?

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    I am starting a photo blog for my family. We want people to subscribe freely (without us having to invite them) but want the ability to approve/disapprove them? Is this possible?

    The blog I need help with is



    No, afraid not. I can’t think of a workaround, either.



    If your blog is a public blog then anyone can subscribe to the posts using a feed reader and to the comments as well.

    The options are for offering email subscriptions are described in this support documentation entry. Subscribers can be manually removed by clicking on the remove subscriber link under the subscriber.



    The link provided above states that there should be a “remove subscriber” button underneath a subscriber’s email address (in stats)…but there is no such button!

    Any ideas? I’ve got a subscriber I really want to remove.



    @cathylagrow: That’s weird. I don’t see any “Remove subscriber” link either. I thought you had to roll over the e-mail address for the link to appear… I’m tagging this thread as modlook but I suggest you bring this to staff’s attention as well:



    We recently disabled the option to remove a subscriber from your email subscriber list after repeated complaints about the way this option worked.

    As long as your site is publicly available on the web, there is no way to block specific people from seeing it. The “Remove Subscriber” link didn’t ban a user from your site, stopped them from reading it, or even prevented them from subscribing to it again. Note that there is no limit for how many people can subscribe to your site.

    You may want to check out our privacy options for more information about limiting access to your site:

    If you’re being harassed or abused by a user, please report this here:

    (TT, thanks for reminding me about that support article. The obsolete section has now been removed.)



    @macmanx: That’s a bummer. What if a visitor subscribes to my blog, but then decides to unsubscribe and doesn’t understand (or doesn’t wish to understand!) the insturctions to unsubscribe themselves and asks me to do it for them?



    You can direct them to us if you’d like, we can still do it for them.



    @macmanx: Thanks for the info.



    You’re welcome!


    I want to remove a subscriber too. I want to stop sending my new articles to this subscribers. How I can remove the e-mail adress?


    @semillasysalud, as MacManX said, you cannot remove a subscriber. Only the subscriber themselves can unsubscribe. Please read his posting above.


    @thesacredpath,Thanks. I,m from Spain, and if you find any gramatical disarray in my follow coment, is for that reason:
    We can´t remove a subscriber. But I want to find the way. I think this should be able to do. Is a way of get freedom in your relationships. Normally you talk with the people you want, and you send e-mails for the people you want. If I write something in my wordpress´s blog, I want to share this with all, but sometimes become different, and people should have the freedom to share with people who really want.


    I agree. The one person I don’t want to read my blog is the person who has signed up for it. I even tried disabling the “subscribe here” widget, but he is still in subscribers.

    I understand that he can still take the time and effort and energy to come to my blog and look at it, however I do not wish to call attention to the blog by asking him to unsubscribe himself.

    I think it would be giving the wordpress users the freedom we deserve by reinstating this option.



    This is a longshot, but if you only have one subscriber, it’s possible if you set the blog to Private, this will kill ALL subscriptions and then make it public again, he may have to re-subscribe. Take the subscription widget out and keep it out for a week or two. This is just an educated guess, though.

    Changing the URL of the blog will definitely stop them.


    I have a subscriber, and I want to get rid of this subscriber. I don’t mind if they take the pain to type in the URL and come directly to my site. But as an email subscriber, I do not want this person.

    And, if I change my privacy settings to “I would like my blog to be private, visible only to users I choose”, will the new posts go to the email subscriber?



    @anonymousarjun: I tested it a while back and no, subscribers will not be notified of posts if the blog is private, as long as they are not admin, editors, etc.



    Suggestion to engineers…

    It will definitely be a plus for the wondeful platform to allow people to approve/disapprove subscribers.

    I suggest you look at it again.


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