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Can we contact Support directly like we used to do?

  1. I've just spent five minutes trying to figure out how to contact Support directly as we used to do. Mine isn't a forum issue - but the Bueno theme not working properly (which is apparently an issue for many). Is there a quick and easy way to just contact Support directly or is this feature gone now?

    Carolyn Thomas -

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Short form: No. This feature is gone.

  3. The issue has been resolved. I'm closing this thread. Thanks.

  4. quillpoweronline

    It is confusing that at right under 'About this topic' it says 'This topic is not resolved' but the last post above, by the Happiness Engineer says 'The issue has been resolved.' ?

  5. @quillpoweronline
    The person who started the thread has not yet returned to mark it resolved. Staff stated it's resolved because all the threads on the themes that had this issue ie. Bueno and Freshy have been resolved.

    If you have an issue with your blog then please click this link create a thread and clearly state what you need help with in it >

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