Can we control which posts generate a subscriber notice?

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    I want to add an introductory sticky post, but I don’t want my subscribers to be notified of something so wholly uneventful. Is there anyway to turn off that feature for a single post?

    The blog I need help with is



    No: BUT If you use the Vigilance theme and use the Alert function, the notification won’t happen.



    Well, humph. ;-)

    Thank you, raincoaster. That’s good to know. I guess I’ll just hold my nose and send the notice. I’m trying to remember what problem Vigilance gave me… perhaps my graphics didn’t fit the column width. I do know there was something



    Other themes also have variously names fields that can be used like the Alert box on Vigilance is used. I use the specially provided and only for that theme “Front Page Intro” widget on the Inuit Types theme. In the Motion theme we can use the area below the title and tagline for Alert types messages.

    If the content you intend to include in the sticky post is too much for an Alert box then my suggestion is that you consider creating a static page instead, and place the link to it at the top of your sidebar.

    As a reader my response to having to scroll past sticky posts every time I visit a blog in order to locate the fresh content to be annoying, and I expect that at least some of your readers may feel the same way.

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