Can we embed music from Apple Music / iTunes similar to Spotify?

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    Hi there.

    Can we have for a near future an embed URL for Apple Music or iTunes, iBooks and Movies for

    I’m not a Spotify user, I’d really like the idea of having music from Apple Music / iTunes.




    Hi fashinablymale,

    There is no built in option to embed Apple Music like you would embed Spotify.

    There is however plug-ins that can be used to allow you to embed Apple Music, one of which is:

    To add plug-ins to your site, you will need to upgrade your site to a business site. Please see plans:

    I hope this helps, please let us know if you need more assistance.



    My apologizes, I am seeing where that plug-in is no longer active. I will check to see if there are other options available.


    Well I know there’s no option to embed Apple Music like Spotify, I just put this like an idea, hope you guys consider this anytime soon.



    Hi fashionableymale,

    I am sorry about that. I am seeing that it is in the ideas forum.

    Until this idea has been applied, if you do have the business plan, you can think about installing an iFrame Plug-in and embed Apple Music that way.

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