Can we get an event calendar please? The current calendar is fairly useless.

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    I’ve heard many people complain about this, and it would seem only a minor change to keep a lot of people happier, even if the current calendar was moderated so you could use it as an event calendar because the current calendar is pretty useless. I would like to use it to easily link to events, enabling navigation to be much more friendly.

    I would love to hear some opinions on this matter.
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    You might be interesting to create your events in Google Calendar. You can embed that calendar into your blog by copying and pasting the embed code. This step-by-step guide will learn you all about integration Google Calendar into your WordPress blog, even as a widget.



    yeah, but a lot of people don’t have internet browsers to support that widget. So it is hard if you want to reveal the calendar to everyone and anyone.



    it doesn’t even turn up on my igoogle site. It only shows on Vista/XP/2000 SP3+ according to site specifications.



    Google Calendar is supported by these browsers:

    – Google Chrome (Windows / Mac / Linux)
    – Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) Version 7.0 and later (Windows)
    – Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and later (Windows / Mac / Linux)
    – Safari 5 and later (Mac OS X)

    Are you looking at a different spec page?



    my issue is that I want an EVENTS calendar, that shows EVENTS… google calendar does not integrate properly. see my site: < right hand sidebar – hover your house over the days and there is no events…


    I’m sorry but we don’t have an events calendar available at aside from using Google Calendar as an embed. We appreciate your feedback though, and I will make sure to note your suggestion.

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