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Can we have a password protected blog?

  1. When I mean is, can we require people who view the blog to access it only if they have a password to read the blog?

  2. Yes, with a workaround. But there's a better way.

    You can set the blog to Private and that means that only specific people you Invite can see the blog. Also, none of the images, videos or files can be hotlinked.

    You can, alternately, password-protect every page as you write it (under Privacy settings on the right hand side of the Write page). The problem with this is, those images and files can still be hotlinked.

  3. Thank you for responding so quickly.

    If I do invite only, will I know who is viewing the blog and who is not?

    I know through stats that I can see how many views I have had, but what about who specifically has viewed it?

    I am doing a school blog and only want the parents to be able to get onto the blog since I may have some personal information about some of their kids on it and want to know which parents are logging on and viewing the info and which are not.

  4. If you do invite only, NOBODY you haven't invited will be able to see the blog. That's not true with passwords, because they do get passed around. You won't be able to see which particular individuals, of all the blog members, have looked at it that day.

    If you want a post to be visible ONLY with the parents of one particular child, then maybe you don't want a blog at all, but you want to do this via email.

  5. Hi, I'm trying to figure this out too. I'd like to have a front page with info for anyone, then a way for selected people to be given a userid and password to lot into the rest of the site. How would you do that? I've read so many posts, but still not sure exactly how to do it.

    Any help would be appreciated soooo much.

  6. It won't be easy.

    You will have to do a public blog, with a static Welcome page, and then remember to password-protect every single one of your posts and pages.

    Alternately, you can start TWO blogs: one public, one private. The Public blog will have only one post in it: a welcome page with a link to the private blog. Only people you Invite will have access to the Private blog.

  7. Thank you. I was hoping there was a little ID Password widget. Bummer... gonna have to figure out how to do all this and which way to go.

    I appreciate your response.

  8. You're welcome. If your primary concern is privacy, take Option 2. Or have a private blog entirely.

  9. Hi Raincoaster, after reading your replies to OP I still don't understand how can I make my blog private and password protected so it is accessible by a non-wordpress members. I want to be able to e-mail the login and password to people who I want to see my blog and I don't want them to sign up with Is this at all possible?
    I will appreciate your help. Thanks.

  10. You can't make your blog BOTH private and password-protected. If you make your blog Private, your readers will have to register with so that the software can confirm they're allowed to read it.

    Do NOT do what you plan: if you do, one of the people you give that login to will betray you. It will happen. It always happens, sooner or later. Anyone you give your login information to will be able to delete your entire blog, and you will never be able to get it back, not even the name.

    You can password-protect individual posts if you want. Just select that as you're writing the post, in the sidebar on the right-hand side of the New Post page.

  11. Thank you, Raincoaster. Actually, nothing sinister was not going to happen. I wanted to allow my potential customers to see the information which I don't want anybody else to see. I don't care if they share the login with their friends or associates.
    It is disappointing that can't do such simple thing. I will follow your advice about the page protection. Thanks.

  12. Then create TWO separate users: your own username, which is the Admin of the blog, and another one, which is just the lowest level, contributor. Give them the information to log in as Contributors. The unfortunate thing is, they'll go to the Dashboard of the blog and be invited to write a post every time they sign in. But they can't delete the blog at least.

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