Can we have a petition to remove the rainbow bar please?

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    You have added a rainbow bar without out consultation. I understand and applaud your right to state your support, please allow others to state their case too. Instead of forcing the ugly bar on everyone’s web-space, please can you give people the option to remove it?
    If not, can you give us a voice to have it removed all together with a vote form or petition.
    If the cause you are championing is the freedom of speech and democracy in our nation, please allow freedom of speech and democracy in your business.



    Original answer from @rootjosh from this post –

    “Australia will be holding a national survey on marriage equality over the next two months. To show our support for marriage equality, we’re showing the rainbow bar to all our Australian visitors. You can read more about the marriage equality campaign here:

    We cannot remove this banner for individual sites. We understand it looks a bit different to what you’re used to, but it’s here for everyone. We absolutely respect your right to publish the content you choose to your site, but the navigation bar styling reflects’s stance as a company.

    The rainbow bar will remain until after the survey results are released, on November 15.

    If this causes you to choose to leave, we’re sorry to see you go. You can find documentation on how to move your site here:

    We can also assist your move with our Guided Transfer service:



    I understand this, but I don’t agree this is a correct way to operate a business. Is this a business or is this a political forum.



    I disagree with this tactic by and I am displeased that this occurred without consultation and seemingly without proper forethought by

    Please add to your Terms and Conditions that you will modify the appearance of sites that you host to publicise a particular stance on political or moral issues without consulting your users. I’m certain many will want to be aware that this is how chooses to operate their service.

    Also refer to the many threads at this link



    It is clear that I am not the only one thinking this. If WordPress truly believe in the freedom of expression, they must surely understand that we must be free to express ourselves too, and not be a helpless subject to their political stunt in this matter.



    Hi there,

    The rainbow bar is only visible to logged in users located in Australia, and appears on the admin bar everywhere on, including the dashboard and the Reader. The admin bar is part of the interface, not of your site.

    You can publish whatever content you choose to your site, but the navigation bar styling reflects’s stance as a company.

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