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Can we have Cutline back, please?

  1. I too had my blog changed unceremoniously and without clear warning from my chosen theme to a theme chosen by WordPress - one I *really* dislike. Many things I loved about Cutline have been changed.

    Can we please have Cutline back? I appreciate that you are all offsite for a week to figure out how to make things better - I'd rather not have them made better, thanks, if this is your idea of better. I had a good theme, one I was happy with: now I have an inferior theme. My blog is mission-critical: it's what I do for a living, so this is not unimportant.

    What got into you to do this to people, I can only wonder. But what is the problem with just putting Cutline back? Isnlt costing you anything, is it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Worse, everything is gone. And I cannot even drag my widgets back from way below to way on top: my screen is too small/

  3. Try screen options —> enable accessibility mode

  4. Cool. It is still regrettable that I have to do this though.

    The bigger problem is that WordPress is mission critical for me.. the blog is my corporate identity. And it is now ugly and amateurish.

  5. Yes, well I'm a fellow blogger, and I think this action couldn't have been implemented in a worse way.

  6. aarondougherty

    Same here...... What the hell wordpress?! I mean changing the theme is one thing but nuking content?!!!! There are flicker things added to the sidebar and stuff that isn't mine - and all my links and widgets are gone!

    Do other blog sites do this?

  7. It's not just annoying for bloggers. Staff are playing with readers.
    When they make any change on admin bar or on dashboard, this affect just users. But if they change the display of thousands of blogs, they are bothering hundreds of thousands of readers, or millions, most of them haven’t any relationship with but as readers.
    May be admissible that we the registered users be subjected to their whims, but it isn’t the same for readers, at all.

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