Can we increase the number of words per story on our Home page

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    We have tried without success to use the “more” tag when creating a blog however it does not have any effect. We have tried typing it in also without success. Currently we only have about 10 words to lead our story on the home page but we want more. Any suggestions.
    Thanks Lee
    Keeping Up With The Boomers

    The blog I need help with is


    The theme you are using automatically truncates your posts, so the more tag won’t be of any help with this, since the theme will automatically shorten your posts. You may want to look about changing themes if you wish you have longer excerpts on your home page, unless someone else has a workaround.



    Using the Lifestyle theme which, on its demo home page has five lines of the blog. However, when we write we only get fewer than 10 words


    At the moment your blog is displaying having the theme ascetica (that is if is the site you are referring to).

    If the theme auto truncates, there’s nothing you can do to change that, and adding the more tag probably just complicates things. But if the theme displays the entire post, wherever you put the more tag, should be where it stops the content.

    I think looking at the lifestyle theme live demo ( there is the latest post features, then three other posts also featured, before splitting into smaller columns with only around 10 words. I think this is the design of the theme, and I’m not sure if there’s any way around this.



    Thanks for your interest. Actually I’m enquiring re my wife’s blog Keeping Up with the Boomers which is Lifestyle theme.

    As a matter of interest with the Ascetica theme it automatically truncates the blogs to the first 5 lines.

    Lifestyle doesn’t appeart to do the same although the Lifestyle demo does display five lines.



    Ah now I see, I just had a look at the site, and that is certainly strange, hopefully someone else with more formatting experience comes along to help, since I have no idea why it’s doing that. Sorry.



    Thanks Daniel, I appreciate your interest.



    Actually I have a better idea, if you use your wife’s account you can post a thread in the premium lifestyle support forum, where you can get direct help from the theme developers, who obviously should know what’s going on. But you’ll need to be using your wife’s account, otherwise you won’t be able to post there.

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