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Can we post a draft post to wordpress from delicious?

  1. I've been using the blog posting feature in delicious to automatically post daily linkrolls for a while but I would like to be able to top and tail the post before publishing it which means I need the delicious post to be set to draft by default. Does anyone know if this is possible e.g. By configuring the XML-RPC api? Any pointers greatfully received.

  2. No, as far as I know any autopost functions are disabled by They want all blog content to be original.

  3. @raincoaster - I can set up the auto post OK - I've had that running for a while now. The trouble is that I can only make it post 'published' posts rather than 'publishing' draft posts.

    I'm sort of assuming that you should be able to do this since it's just using xml-rpc which allows you to publish draft posts... but I can't work out how. :(

  4. The whole 'posting from delicious' is no working for me anymore, delicious has apparently discontinued the service, unless you use a specific plugin, called Postalicious.

    Any chane we could have that implemented in

    Some additional info here:

    And the plugin author's page:

    I'll try to post this as a feature request as well.


  5. Oh this is what I want! Does anyone have any up-to-date information?
    I'd love:

    - specified delicious links (e.g marked with a tag) to be automatically posted on my blog.
    Is that going to be possible? It's making me consider moving to another blog format, e.g Tumblr. Help!!

  6. Tumblr?

  7. @jtownend have a look at this for more info :

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