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Can We Post Wanted Items On WordPress Blogs?

  1. I know that selling and posting advertisements is banned, but what about posting about items that you want to buy?

    I have a friend who currently uses Blogspot for this purpose, but would rather use WordPress (ease of use and all that). They request surplus items that they then resell. The blog would not be used for selling or advertising items for sale. They've asked me if that's acceptable, but I didn't know how to answer.

  2. Could you send in a Support?
    Link to their blog and we'll take a look? It's going to be hard to answer otherwise.

  3. @ Mark: Will do. Thanks!

  4. Mark, I'm trying to send the link and the support says it's "Temporarily Closed". It's said that all day. Any ideas?

  5. Support is closed this week. Send an email to: suport at wordpress dot com. :)

  6. Thank you!

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